Shipping Rate Guide

Dear Customers,

We ship mainly through courier services available in India. As you know, the courier charges are based on weight slabs. Following are the weight slabs as an example.

 Weight Slab
0 to 500 gm
0.5 Kg to 1 Kg
1 Kg to 1.5 Kg
1.5 Kg to 2 Kg and so on


For each of the weight slab above the rate is flat. This means a buyer can add multiple products till it crosses over to next slab where a higher rate is applicable.

For example weight of Aristocrat pen with packing is approximately 40 gm means in 0 to 500 gm a buyer can add almost 12 pens for the same shipping cost.

The estimated shipping cost for each product is for the based on this logic. You can play around and try reaching checkout to understand how many products you can buy without increasing shipping cost.

Hope you have wonderful buying experience !

Happy Writing , 

Team Joy of Writing