Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy Statement:

  1. is a webstore for selling fountain pens, inks, fountain pen friendly stationary, pen accessories to make writing experience for our customers joyful. We value privacy of our customers and are committed to preserve the same.
  2. We collect following information from our customers in order to serve them in best possible manner.
  • Name
  • Address - Billing & Shipping address
  • Mobile Number
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Shipping preferences
  • Product Preferences
  • And any other information incidental to serving our customers but not limited to above
  • We contact our customers in order to promote our products and services, to enable transactions, order fulfillment, shipment , answering queries or for providing customer support for our products or services.
  • All the information mentioned above is solely with intention to serve our customers and will remain confidential with us and will not be shared with any other entities except for compliance with legal requirements set by Governments or local authorities
  • Our newsletter or promotional emails or sms or communication through social media such as whatsapp or facebook is solely for promotion of our products or services only. Our customers can opt out of such promotional campaigns by 'unsubscribe' option or by communicating with us. 
  • In case of any queries regarding privacy policy please feel free to write to us or get in touch with us. You may find relevant contact information under 'Contact Us' Section